White Coral Gold Necklace

Coral is as old as time itself. It has existed for more than 240 million years. Humans have made jewelry out of


The revolutions in the Arab world, the military actions in Libya, Iraq and Syria, nuclear collapse in Japan - the confluence of fortuitous circumstances or programmed crisis?


In one biblical episode, the Lord ordered Moses, the great Jewish lawgiver, to arrange 12 precious stones in four rows on the gown of his brother, the chief priest Aaron. The names of 12 family branches of Israel were to be encrusted on each stone in the following order: Reuben - on the sardion, Simon - on the topaz, Levi - on the emerald, Judah - on the ruby, Dan - on the sapphire, Naphtali - on the jasper, Gad - on the amber, Asher - on the agate, Issachar - on the amethyst, Zebulun - on the garnet, Joseph - on the beryl and Benjamin - on the onyx.

2013 Color

How much time and thought goes into hunting through a diverse range of gifts for the most suitable one for your friend, wife, husband or child?