Nano Robots

The revolutions in the Arab world, the military actions in Libya, Iraq and Syria, nuclear collapse in Japan - the confluence of fortuitous circumstances or programmed crisis?

2010 - 2013 years were too nervous to mankind. The shock follows shock, and all rather frightening. The revolutions in the Arab world, a terrible earthquake in Japan and the subsequent accidents at nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", the military operation in Libya, the civil war in Syria, the events in Egypt, the earthquake in Haiti, an unprecedented increase in terrorist activities and the proliferation of religious conflicts worldwide, economic crisis in the world's leading countries, wars and famine in many developing countries. Many people these days are wondering whether this is the beginning of the end of mankind? Predictors, futurists, scholars of various stripes and lines today are actively looking for the answers to these exciting questions.

So said Nostradamus

What famous prophets spoke about the last time in which we live? Nostradamus lived in the XVI century had been expressing his thoughts in verse and used quite intricate images that were interpreted in different ways at all times. Modern interpreters of Nostradamus say that he foresaw the global transformation in the face of the Earth in the beginning of the XXI century. Specifically, in 2011 the great Frenchman allegedly promised a lot of earthquakes, but also pointed out that a continent that once sunk will spring up out of the water. Most likely he was referring to the mythical Atlantis.

Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga supposedly prophesied a Third World War, which is to start with the conflict in the Middle East. They say that by 2011 Vanga predicted the catastrophe associated with nuclear energy. And from radioactive contamination, according to her prophecy, it was to suffer the Northern Hemisphere, where, incidentally, is Japan. However, the cause of the cataclysm was to be a war, not a nuclear plant accident.

American prophet Edgar Cayce almost one hundred years ago predicted that at the beginning of XXI century, the Earth will enter a period of earthquakes, from which basically will suffer Japan and Southeast Asia. Among other things, he, like Nostradamus was talking about the second coming of Atlantis, and predicted that Japan will discontinue existing as a state, and generally disappear from the face of the earth - the islands become submerged. In terms of changing the face of the Earth, he predicted the emergence of a new strait in Tierra del Fuego, the disappearance in the deep sea of Northern Europe as well as New York, along with some areas of the U.S. East Coast.

But what may cause such incredible changes in the appearance of the planet? How to recognize their inexorable approach? Perhaps humanity still does not know how to get the answers to these important questions, but they will have to look for. Russian scientist Vladimir Finogeev put forward his own hypothesis, in which he developed a bold idea: the onset of natural and social disasters can be predicted by biological "precursors". According to the researcher, an indicator of future global change can be considered a massive surge of aggression in the behavior of humans and animals. You just need to carefully monitor it to be on time warned of the impending danger.

Units of aggression

Earthquakes - is the result of tectonic movements in the earth's crust and this process involves considerable mass of material. And before a shift of continental plates, you can measure a series of advanced electromagnetic and gravitational signals. Social upheaval, involving large numbers of people will show up first in the electromagnetic environments. This system of electromagnetic signals has a destructive effect on the behavior of people, animals, birds, and insects. To better understand how this happens, you can bring the following analogy. It is known that any intellectual activity accompanied by the appearance of an electromagnetic signal in the brain structures of a human. If the observer is mentally destroying an image of any object on computer screen, then this thought process will be accompanied by electromagnetic radiation of a destructive nature. Now if the brain receives this signal back, it will cause a destructive thought adequate signal sent earlier. And, as a rule, an action follows the thought...

"The destructive electromagnetic and gravitational picture, which appears in place of the future social and natural disasters, stimulates destructive, aggressive behavior of people and animals in these areas - believes Vladimir Finogeev. Before there were social upheavals in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, shark suddenly started to attack people. The processes of discontent, anger, protest, striving to crush the regime, as expressed by the electromagnetic pulse caused aggressive response of animals.

It turns out that the world can be destroyed by human fury, which has the property to reach a critical mass, causing changes in the material? Where is the emotional threshold if crossed we could destroy the world?

Tehno- wreckers

A number of prominent futurists support the idea that the main threat to peace does not come from the natural and social disasters, but rather from the uncontrolled use of super-technologies that will develop rapidly over the next 20 years. Apparently, in addition to the undoubted benefits and radical improvement of the quality of life each of these technologies poses a potential threat to mankind.

Biotechnology, for example, in the long term promise victory over disease and physical death. As considered by some scientists, biotechnology will soon be available even to children: Students will play with the genes and cells, as it is today with the designers and simple toys, right in their living rooms to create living dinosaurs and unseen animals, put them in classes at competitions. Futurists predict that we are very close to creation of viruses and bacteria with incredible virulence (ability to infect biological systems). And it can be done somewhere in home laboratory, from where the infection will be able to spread throughout the world. Taking into consideration the speed the medicine and biology is developing; this forecast can be put in life in 10-15 years.
No less of a problem can create a scientific breakthrough in nanotechnology. It is about creating nanoscale mechanisms, called nanobots in the popular literature. One such mechanism when placed in specific medium can reproduce itself countless times - the same way as the living cell replicates. It will undoubtedly be a great achievement in science: it is possible to create something like a fully managed matter that can also multiply and reformat ordinary matter. We will be able very cheaply to produce any products, using as components specially programmed nanobots. But today is not ruled out their use for military purposes. For example, have penetrated into the human body, such "nano-soldier " will seamlessly replicate itself, and then attacking, will block, for example, the movement of oxygen through the blood vessels ... No one can guarantee that the replication of nano-mechanisms will be 100% under the humans control. This scenario takes place at the futurists called "gray goo": matter consisting of nanobots like mucus covers the entire surface of the planet, leaving no room for real living beings.

Even more dangerous than nanotechnology, futurists call artificial intelligence – super-technologies in the field of information processing. Inevitably, a situation where a human may be the most outdated "model" in the world, which will be got rid of, like of old furniture.

Equally problematic are the advanced development in the field of nuclear energy. For example, if the cold fusion technology will be developed it will help to create a sort of H-bombs, and to assemble them literally on every corner of the city.

From all this futuristic logic follows only one optimistic argument: people are able to survive as a species most incredible natural and social adversity. They are prepared for them to evolutionary. But the second conclusion is alarming: we are not ready for techno-scientific disasters. Futurists have identified the “red line” control date for humans - 2030. Since then, they say, if we do not take control of negative emotions overwhelm us, fundamentally will not change our attitude upon the risk assessment, mankind should be afraid of the real apocalypse and face entire global catastrophe.