Size Penis

According to the results of the study, scientists called the figure - the size

of the penis, which is the norm. And this is 13.12 cm in an erected state, and 9.16 cm in a flaccid state.

"We conducted such a study to calm the men who consider themselves not big enough," the scientists said. - Now they will be able to look at the figures and not to complex any more, because they are "within the limits of the norm".

According to the researchers, dissatisfaction with the size of penis often leads men into the psychotherapist's office. This complex can cause depression, anti-social behavior. But in fact, only 2.2 percent of human  have a really small phallus. Approximately the same percentage - owners of huge sizes.

By the way, scientists in the course of the work did not find a connection between the size of the penis and the nationality or race of men. And also found out that one can not draw conclusions about the length of phallus, looking at the height of a man or the size of his legs.