Sharlot McKinni

You know, that now computers are everywhere and they can do everything what is related to calculations –transmit digital information (in fact consecution of electrical signals) via Internet and as a result you can see this information (text, color images, movies) on the monitor and listen to the music which is also divided into small pieces of information traveling through Internet.

Computers can play chess, since they can use integrated information on almost all games played by all prominent chess payers. The information in databases is artificially prepared by people and is kept in computer memory.

Images are also subject of digital transformation and are kept as small pieces of information related to the smallest parts of surface of each photography. This is why specific computer program packages (Photoshop for instance) could read and, what is important, modify the array of information related to specific image. Of course, the transformation of information is under control of individual who is watching the results on the computer monitor. You might know that some image developing software is rather sophisticated and could do amazing things – generated realistically-looking moving dinosaurs and insert them into movies (practically all modern blockbuster films, e.g. Avatar utilize this technology), choose suitable haircut for you and many-many more.

Here is funny attempt to generate the most beautiful woman’s face using well-known images of actresses, fashion and photo-models. Just take a look what computer proposes just summarizing the most important features of each beauty.