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Lingurius (Lincurius)

LinguriusLingurius is the precious stone that corresponds to Jacob’s seventh son. Gad. According to St. Epiphanies of Cyprus, this stone is found in Egypt, in Tebeh. The gem has expressly visible green veins and has honey or garnet coloured shading. The same author notes that wild cows, the so-called Ligviroses, were found in the country of Egypt. The tips of the tails of these animals gave off a bright green light and it was due to the semblance with this color that the gem was given its name. It was believed that the mystical properties of the stone endowed expectant mothers with patience during delivery and helped relieve the pains of childbirth.

Lingurius is considered a lost stone. To be more precise, it is still not fully clear specifically which precious stone was meant by the name “Lingurius". St. Epiphanies of Cyprus believed this gem belonged to the jacinth family. In contemporary mineralogy, it is described as a yellow-coloured precious stone of particular firmness, most probably, a zircon. By other explanations, based on ancient Hebrew texts, lingurius is a yellow-reddish variety of amber.

In Christian exegesis, according to the description contained in the Apocalypse of the steps of the heavenly Jerusalem, chrysoprasus seems to be the stone that corresponds to lingurius. Chrysoprasus is translated as “of golden-green" color and closely resembles the description of lingurius provided by St. Epiphanies. This does not imply, however, that lingurius and chrysoprasus are identical gems. It may be that on the basis of the semblance of their mystical and curative properties, lingurius was simply substituted with chrysoprasus.

Chrysoprasus protects from the evil eye, envy and slander. It also endows man with resilience and fortitude. It should be worn as a bracelet. At the same time this gem is good for the nervous system, diseases of the eye, improves sight, stops bleeding, cures heartaches, gynecological diseases and, like lingurius, when fastened to a thigh eases delivery.

Of the twelve apostles chrysoprasus corresponds to Jacob the brother of the Lord, Jacob is the apostle of Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) and, therefore, chrysoprasus is the gem of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.