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EmeraldThis noble stone corresponds to Jacob's third son, Levi. According to the Bible, Levi’s descendants were granted the honor of priesthood. Moses and Aaron, as well as John the Baptist, were Levis.

The emerald, is green in color. All inner secrets and future events are reflected in it like in a mirror. According to a legend, angels cut out the Holy Grail used by Christ at the Last Supper from the emerald, which dropped from Lucifer's forehead when he fell.

The emerald was considered the sailors' talisman. It was believed that along with multiple other merits, the emerald could endow its owner with the skill of foretelling. The emerald is the guardian of love. It also possesses various curative and medical properties: it cures eye deceases, epilepsy and leprosy and has antidotal qualities. According to Pliny the Elder, no matter how tired the human eye may be, it relaxes when looking at the emerald. Tradition has it that Emperor Nero used to watch gladiator fights through an emerald lens. According to the Indian mystical belief, the emerald can contact the world of spirits, allowing a person to read his past and future from the secret green depths of its facets. According to Islamic cosmology, the emerald mountainous ridge of Quaff embraces the terrestrial world - the earth. These mountains, glowing with an unearthly light, are inhabited by angels and genies. Simourg, the mystical bird, and symbol of God, also lives there. The emerald mountains are the pillars of the seven skies.

According to another legend, the crusaders brought to Europe the sacred bowl made of a single emerald belonging to King Solomon and, was kept in ancient Genoa from the XII century. Of the 12 apostles, the emerald matches Christ's disciple Bartholomew. He is considered the apostle of the zodiac sign Cancer (June 22 - July 22). According to the tradition of the Georgian church, St. Bartholomew is considered to have preached Christianity in Georgia.

The emerald protects its owner from the evil eye, strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves memory, cures stutters, chronic pain and paroxysm in the liver and gall bladder. It can improve skin color, cure sterility, female diseases, infectious illnesses, sepsis, diabetes, kidney diseases and more.