Everyone who had even a slight contact with Georgia or Georgians knows that Georgian dance is something special – extremely energetic when men perform and smooth and graceful when women dance. To convince yourself you should just have a look for ERISIONI and RUSTAVI concerts, which are available on DVDs.

But I would like to tell you another story which is rather interesting and gave a lot of pleasure to me. On 2009, in July together with some relatives and friends I was celebrating 70th jubilee of my half-cousin Nikoloz Amirejibi. He is famous football couch who five times brought the Georgian National football junior team (15 -16 years old) to the Soviet Union’s champions’ title. Then, he was a football referee of all Soviet Union category.

You know Georgian “supra” (for those who who is not aware, I would suggest to read some interesting books or articles about this important action, for instance from here) with “tamada”, a lot of wine and testy Georgian food. The small band of Georgian musicians, as usually at Georgian restaurants, where performing their repertoire to entertains restaurant participants.

Suddenly, a few young girls and a boy who occupied neighboring table stood up, came out of the table and headed to the small dancing place in front of the musicians next to the table full of foods.

You can see what happened from this video. And the action moved from dancing place and proceeded in a narrow place between tables.