Georgia's metropolis is celebrating "Tbilisoba" - attractive, beautiful and cheery tradition.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia

– very beautiful city of more than 1500 years old. There are many traditions settled in the city and one of them is “Tbilisoba”.

Tbilisoba as a celebration was first marked on October 28, 1979 and since than it has became the tradition. At the weekend the meeting of the present and past occurs in the city and the old Tbilisi is livened up once again. You will still meet Karachoghelis, water sellers and Kintoes in the street. 

The celebration usually is supported by rural agricultural product fair, free street pop-music, dance and theatrical performances for citizens, possibilities to eat fresh products, “shashlik”, drinking wine etc. Sometimes participates get drunk, but usually there are no violations and scuffles in the streets. 

Look at Georgian pumpkins 

Below is a clip with heavily drunk singers sing while enjoying Georgian meals in the street. 

The first established Tbilisoba was held in the renovated districts of the city in the form of the fancy dress carnival: Tbilisi noblemen and Kneinas dressed in the Georgian traditional dresses were looking out from the balconies on the rafts drifting on the Mtkvari. 

Even at present as soon as the celebration is started the phaetons appear in the streets, the sad rhymes of the "arghani" is sounded in the air and the songs by the ashughs takes us to the old Tbilisi as if the inhabitants of the medieval centuries are brought to life. 

In Tbilisoba not only Tbilisi residents but also the population of the whole Georgia take part. People from the different regions of Georgia try to represent their part and arrange the fair of the harvest. That's why the second name for Tbilisoba is “Autumn celebration.” 

Below clip shows farmers who brought poultry for sale and who noted (in Georgian) that his turkey does not like Tbilisi's which suffers from air pollution. 

Marking the celebration day of the ancient city means itself the mixing with the past. And At the first Tbilisoba celebration the Georgian folk plays Kochaoba, Derby, Riktapela were presented. 

Didube was considered to be the place for such game holding in the old Tbilisi and even today the Akaki garden is the meeting place for the Georgian wrestlers. 

In the clip below there are "shashlik" makers who make tasty Shish kebab right in the street and a turkey who doesn't like Tbilisi air.


Annually as soon as Tbilisoba celebration comes closer lots of cultural and sport events are planned, that go further than the exhibition and concert halls , stadiums and come out in the streets. The celebration is always interesting ,the famous people from different spheres are granted the title of honorary citizens.

Regardless to the fact that Tbilisoba is not thirty years old yet it has became a fixed tradition, as for Tbilisi residents so for the guests the city turns into a different shape and Asia and Europe meet each other under the balcony of Darejani palace,at the foot of Metekhi, in Kala or in Isani. During the Tbilisoba days Tbilisi acquires its previous old colors and charm.