Toilet Dispenser

American scientists have found out that liquid soap dosing tanks in public toilets, supermarkets and public catering establishments, represent

great danger to everyone who uses them.

If you wash hands, using liquid soap from dispensers you just increase number of pathogenic microbes, epidemiologists of University of Arizona have established.

Researchers have come to such unfavorable conclusions, having checked up a level of bacteria among pupils of elementary schools before washing hands by usual soap and liquid soap from dosing tanks. After washing hands by soap from dispensers the quantity of bacteria on hands of children has increased in 26 times.

As it has appeared dosing tanks soaps increase number of bacterial strains on hands because different people often use them and nobody spends insanitary processing, therefore bacteria from the polluted hands remain on their surface.


In addition:

The frozen hen which everyone can get in supermarkets, represents danger of death, the British researchers approve.

Scientists have carried out research during which have revealed, that 40 % of the packings selected for experiment in supermarkets, contained dangerous bacteria on the surface. In particular, experts have found out on packing Campylobacter which can provoke vomiting, a diarrhea and pains in a stomach.

Also experts have found out is a little bit exemplary, infected inside. Infection usually occurs during delivery and manufacturing of the goods. Potentially bacteria from one packing can be carried on all shop, have explained scientists.

Experts have informed, that the similar analysis is the first in own way. All obtained data are transferred to the Governmental agency of food standards and the largest trading networks. Researchers urgently advise to wash hands after you take the hen packed into plastic to avoid risk of infection.