Cancer Celll

Gene WWP2 with which all people are born, is suspected of

change. What for is the gene needed is not clear while that it conducts subversive activities against "owner”, is proved scientifically. Scientists from University of East Anglia have found out, that it promotes distribution of cancer cells to an organism.

The defective gene attacks and splits natural inhibitor, called to protect an organism from a cancer and to prevent occurrence of metastasizes.

The fact of exposure of "saboteur" — is already a break, anyway process of distribution of malignant cells became more clear. Now it is necessary to think up, as to block it. If scientists will find a way of switch off a harmful gene to struggle with tumors would be much easier. In this case concentration of inhibitor will increase, and the new growth can be removed, not being afraid, that illness will extend on other body organs. Researchers have already lead experiment which results have proved their hypothesis, and promise, that medicines for a cancer can appear the nearest ten years.