The complex of exercises offered here for women will help to improve possession of the body during the sexual act (coitus). Also you will be able to give maximum of pleasure both yourself and the partner. Marilyn Monroe did such exercises.

Stage I

Start to do the following exercises in a prone position. Then you will be able to carry out them in any position.
1. It is necessary to lie down on a belly and to cross hands in front of your face, put your hands on your forehead. Compress buttocks with might and main and keep them in such condition for 5-10 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times.

Start to strain muscles of buttocks and abdominal muscles simultaneously. Do such exercises of 5-10 times in day.

When the first exercise will go without difficulties, pass to the second - training of internal muscles.

2. Strain and weaken muscles of a small basin, it should resemble on sensations desire to constrain urination. Do this exercise as it is possible is more often.

3. The third exercise needs to be carried out while sitting in an armchair, having settled back. You should sit in such position to see abdominal muscles. Pull in your stomach and to try to catch "an ideal picture" – no protuberance and folds. Remember this sensation in order do not look at your belly while doing exercises in the future.

Last exercise of this stage:

4. In a prone position, face downwards, hands along a body, it is necessary to strain back muscles, to raise the torso, throwing back your head so that to look at a ceiling. Slowly lower your head and torso.

Do this exercise three times a day and you will feel increasing flexibility of your body.

Stage II

1. Sitting on a floor, extend legs, hands put on knees. It is necessary to achieve movement on a floor through alternatively straining your buttocks. At movement - bend knees and before straining - unbend.
Carrying out this exercise, you strengthen muscles and reduce volume of your hips.

2. And the last exercise. Repeat it 3 times.

It is necessary to do it at a wall. Stand so that a buttock, a back and heels touched a surface and relax. Compress buttocks and pull in a stomach that the basin begin to come off a wall. It is necessary to fix such position for 5-10 seconds, and then return to an initial position.