Ass 2

Many men pay attention to the bottom of women. Since ancient times, people

by its appearance define the status and state of health of each other.

In relation to the girls on the size of the hips one can judge whether a woman can carry and give birth to a healthy baby. So do not be surprised when a man would stare at your ass.
Some incredible facts about the buttocks:

1. The presence of large hips and thighs reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. If the fat is stored in the hips, rather than in the stomach, it contains hormones which prevent the occurrence of these diseases.
2. Women with lush hips and large buttocks smarter than their skinny opponents. A study confirmed this theory, conducted in 2008, which tested mental capacity of 16 000 women.
3. Women with full hips give born more intelligent children. The fact is that these locations store reserves of omega-3 oils, which are very important in the formation of the brain of a child.
4. "Gluteus maximus" (med.) - the largest muscle in the human body. With its help, we can maintain a direct position of the body, as well as jump and run.
5. 11th place among the most popular plastic surgery takes a buttock augmentation. Such operations data for 2013 has passed 320,000, almost 97% of them were made by women.
6. There are rumors that Jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for $ 1 billion, but the singer denied it.
7. A rare species of horse flies (Scaptia beyonceae) were named in honor of the singer Beyonce because of gold lower body.
8. Due to the more voluminous thighs, life expectancy for women is more than for men. Studies conducted in 2012 showed that the lower body fat produces leptin and adiponectin substances that protect against many diseases.
9. According to the study, University of Texas, to men the bends of buttocks on a woman's body is more attractive than their actual size.
10. Women prefer to receive compliments on their ass. In second place are the eyes and compliments about the chest.