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google scholarThis brochure is a must-read for anyone who wants to publish scientific articles and books online. It is written by Teimuraz Kancheli, a renowned expert in the field of digital publishing and citation analysis. He will guide you through the steps, tips, and tricks of getting your work indexed by Google Scholar, the world’s largest and most popular academic search engine.

You will learn:

What is Google Scholar and why is it important for your research
How to create and update your Google Scholar profile and author page
How to choose the right keywords, titles, abstracts, and metadata for your publications
How to select the best journals, publishers, and platforms for your work
How to avoid plagiarism, duplication, and spamming issues
How to monitor and improve your citation metrics and h-index
How to deal with common problems and challenges of indexing in Google Scholar
And much more!
This brochure is concise, practical, and easy to follow. It is based on the latest research and evidence from the field. It also includes frequently asked questions and real-life examples from various disciplines and domains.

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Citation Index at Google Scholar: Enhancing the Visibility and Impact of Your Research. (Textbooks) Kindle Edition. By Teimuraz Kancheli (Author). In English. 25 pages. Format: Kindle Edition. 2023. ISBN: 979-8869592972. The paper book is here:

eBook is here:

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