Web Site Creation

There are several ways of creating the site itself. The simplest way is to:

1. Buy domain name (domain)

Domain - is the name of your site, your Internet address. Domain name can only have one owner; each domain is unique, so when you come up with a name, you must first check if it is not occupied by someone else.

Domains are the top-level, second, and lower level.

The top-level domain (called domain zone) are com, net, info, name, biz, ge, ru, etc. There are also The country code top-level domains and generic top-level domains. Have territorial belonging to any country (ge, ru, it), it means that all domains in ge will apply to Georgia, ru will apply to Russia, it - to Italy. Generic top-level domains are not tied to a particular country (net, org, com, biz). Second-level domain would look like: my-message.com, google.com. Third level domain (subdomain), for instance - buy-sheet-music.me4u.biz.

Top-level domain registration is not possible for common people. Domain registration starts from the second level, these domains are considered the best for the site. The domain should be short, easy to read and memorable - this also depends on the further development of the site. Second-level domains indicate the seriousness of the project, have the authority and respect, including a search engine. But at the same time, I'm not saying that third-level domains are bad - they are also good, but it is preferable to take the second level domain. Third-level domains (sub-domains) can be generated by hosting for free).

You can register a domain at special sites, and pay by credit card or other proposed means. Domain cost is approximately $ 10 per year.

You must have a clear idea when choosing a domain - what information will include your website, what is for etc.. If it is a personal web-site, it is best to register a domain of this type - yourname.name

If it will be a commercial site, then it is better to register the name of the main product to be sold on it. For example: tasty-sweeties.com

The domain name is very important for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), which give it a high priority during the thematic search. If the user is looking for tasty sweeties the search engine will give priority tasty-sweeties.com domain that appear in search results in the top row, which is extremely important.

Desired domain name may already be busy, and you can check it out here:

2. Hosting

To deploy the domain and bind web site to it on the Internet and the possibility of filling it with information it is necessary to use so-called hosting. Practically it is a computer installed in any country, called a server that has a permanent Internet connection. There are many different types of hosting, and without going into detail they provide:


- Free or paid hosting. The best chose is paid hosting, especially since it is not expensive.

- Can grant free domain name.

- Register any number of sub-domains (third level domains).

- Hosting a single domain, or for a large number of domains (may be useful to you in the future.)

- Limited or unlimited amount of information posted.

- Ability to open an unlimited number of e-mail boxes.

- An opportunity to use the so-called content management systems (CMS), and other useful programs. I personally like Joomla! CMS. New (safe) versions of CMS Joomla! require up-to-date hosting provision. Not all hosting providing companies ensure acceptable level of services. For instance, for some years I loved DREAMHOST.COM, but I had to decline it since they had permanent problems with e-mail server and frequent brake-downs of main server. Their server software was unable to host latest versions of Joomla! I recommend you to start with the purchase of hosting as desired (and free) domain in this particular case, you will be given free of charge. In addition, its settings will be made without your involvement. Then I selected widely known Hostgator which also disappointed me because of very frequent brake-downs (99.9% uptime declared guarantee in practice was not true) and its unconscionable policy related to prices – they offer huge discounts for the first year and then surprisingly, just when hosting expires increase regular prices by about 20%. A user has no other way then to pay unfair price because to select and move to the other hosting takes time (especially if there are a few domains to move) or you face to stop all your domains for unpredictable period of time. So, I do not recommend two of above mentioned hosting and I will come out with recommendation soon.

After that, you will be given Internet address, username and password to log in to the hosting administrative panel. You will be able to manage the names and some email settings, domains, (if more than one), payment, etc. from the administrative panel.

Most importantly, you can set up on your site for free, some programs (23 different applications). For example, a content management system (web content) CMS - Joomla! It is very popular free, simple and safe program, which contains ready-to-use tools to quickly add, edit content from the control panel of this program. To manage your site you do not need any special knowledge, and opportunities are virtually unlimited. This method requires fewer calls to the html code, and therefore requires no knowledge of html and css. There are a large number of templates and additional software that can be used on already established by CMS website. Thus it is possible to change not only the artistic design but also the user facilities of the site. If you use Host Gator hosting you can install latest version of Joomla! with one click. The hosting will arrange everything and will be able to start your web-site within a couple of minutes.

Online e-commerce stores, blogs, forums, chats, polls, photo- and video galleries, and more could be designed with the help of CMS. Moreover, it is possible to install various plug-ins, modules. such comment articles, images and video viewers. Going into the admin panel, you can configure all the features by yourself.

If you have any problems with the registration of a domain, buying hosting or using Joomla! I will answer you online via Skype. My Skype name is - temur921