You should begin cleaning with the case. Wipe the case of a camcorder or the camera with soft fabric. For removal of strong pollution, it is possible to use slightly

humidified in moderately soap water, and well wrung out fabric. After cleaning wipe the chamber with clean dry fabric.

Cleaning of an objective

An objective needs special attention to handle with. Is better to blow off from it a dust by means of a special rubber bulb. They can be different in terms of the form and the size, there are models with a brush on a tip. If the objective is strongly polluted, it is necessary to use a special paper for cClean digital cameras correctlyleaning objectives or a soft fabric without pile. Preliminary on a paper or a fabric put special clearing means for optics. Work very accurately, not applying efforts, otherwise it is possible to damage a special covering on an objective which is adjusted for a so-called enlightenment of optics. This covering increases a transparency of optics and reduces reflection of light from a surface of lenses, reduces patches of light. Do not apply to cleaning an objective various solvents, for example gasoline. Clean the camera or a camcorder only after switching off and extraction of elements of a feed (batteries or the accumulator) or the network adapter.


Besides for cleaning a photo and video equipment it is possible to get a special set. Special solvent for cleaning optics, a napkin for optics, rubber bulb, a brush, napkins for cleaning the case of the camera, wadded sticks, for removal of pollution from remote places usually there enter. Prior to utilization of the components included in a set figure out how to use these means, what each of them is intended for.

Storage of video and photo equipment

If you know, that the video-camera or digital photo-camera will not be used long time it is necessary to remove the accumulator or elements, a memory card, and to keep devise in a dry, cool, aired place. Periodically, it is necessary to switch-on the camera and to take some photos and videos. This is will maintain technical equipment in working condition.

Bringing camera from a frost in a dark room, there is a danger of condensate occurrence - droplets of moisture, both on the case, and inside of the camera. Certainly, it is not good for a photo- and video equipment. To avoid condensing of a moisture, it is necessary having come in a warm premises from a frost to place the camera in a plastic package at once and close it tightly. Take out camera from a package not earlier than in an hour while it will not get warm up to a room temperature.