Now, of course I do not think so, but still I love Franz Liszt’s compositions. I love its dynamics, brilliancy, a high degree of technical sophistication, fantasy.

Maybe his compositions are not the most complicated to play technically for contemporary pianists, but still it requires quite sophisticated training of performers. I like many of his compositions and of my favorites are transcriptions of different composers. For instance I like Isolde's Death (Isolde's Liebestod from R. Wagner's opera Tristan und Isolde) .

And Liszt has been considered as legendary pianist, maybe the best in the history of music. There are many subjective ratings, like this , but everybody agrees that he was phenomenal pianist who influenced all subsequent generations of pianists and musicians in general. Its worth to mentioned that he rather yearly gave up pianist's career and devoted himself to compositor's work and pedagogical activity which was extremely fruitful.

There were many pianists who had been playing his compositions virtuously, but I would like to mention relatively young Boris Berezovsky who just recently visited Georgia and to left a lasting impression upon me.

One o f the impressive performances of B. Berezovsky is is DVD with Etudes d'execution transcendante "Transcendental Studies" for solo piano. •One of the Etudes is given in the clip below and demonstrates both virtuosity of Mr. Berezosky and greatness of Liszt’s composition.