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HealthPractically all people say that good health is the main value that matters. But the irony is that we do not pay enough attention to it when we are healthy and young.

When health problems arrive we start thinking on how to minimize losses and what are the cheapest ways for it. The state programs, especially preventive medicine, help in some extend since the governments are interested in healthy population because of a number of reasons.


JobsTo be employed is from one hand one of the possibilities to generate income for the necessities of life and from the other hand in many cases is important way to find physiological self-satisfaction. Main part of population of any country has to be employed by businesses to be involved in economic process of creation of material goods and providing services which are the core of any country welfare.
There are some activities which could generate profit, but belong to self-employment category. Artists, musicians and individuals of some other professions in some cases do not have permanent jobs and are permanently looking to be short term contracted. There are also activities related to Internet, mainly to on-line marketing which also could be considered as self-employment, when people involved in that kind of business in fact do not have bosses and are doing whatever and whenever they want according their intuition and information picked up on specialized Internet sites.
In this sections I will try cover some issues related to above mentioned activities and I do hope that visitors of this web-resource will share their experience too.

Entertainment Entertainment - activities for fun, leisure activities.

TravelTravel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any purpose and any duration, with or without any means of transport. Travel also includes stays between successive movements. Movements between locations requiring only a few minutes are not considered as travel.

BusinessA business (also called a company, enterprise or firm) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Doing business means being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work.

Basic forms of ownership are:

Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship is a business owned by one person. The owner may operate on his or her own or may employ others. The owner of the business has personal liability of the debts incurred by the business.

Partnership: A partnership is a form of business in which two or more people operate for the common goal which is often making profit. In most forms of partnerships, each partner has personal liability of the debts incurred by the business. There are three typical classifications of partnerships: general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.

Corporation: A corporation is either a limited or unlimited liability entity that has a separate legal personality from its members. A corporation can be organized for-profit or not-for-profit. A corporation is owned by multiple shareholders and is overseen by a board of directors, which hires the business's managerial staff. In addition to privately-owned corporate models, there are state-owned corporate models.

Cooperative: Often referred to as a "co-op", a cooperative is a limited liability entity that can organize for-profit or not-for-profit. A cooperative differs from a corporation in that it has members, as opposed to shareholders, who share decision-making authority. Cooperatives are typically classified as either consumer cooperatives or worker cooperatives. Cooperatives are fundamental to the ideology of economic democracy.

There are many types of business entity defined in the legal systems of various countries. For a country-by-country listing of legally recognized business forms, see Types of business entity here .

EducationInvesting in Brains

There are different ways and purposes to invest money. Mostly people invest money to get more money in direct way. Money makes money. There are indirect ways to get benefits from investing and probably, one of the best ways is to invest in education. Actually people do realize doing so when they send their children to private schools and supporting their study at universities. Companies are doing this providing on-hand and other trainings. Good governments are supporting education system in general. In Georgia (I am the resident of Georgia) the Government supports students of highest education through covering a part of study fee. This part depends on the score of logic exam which is mandatory for all university entrants and its volume is limited.

I consider that education is the most important asset, that human could have and the most valuable investment that parents or an individual could enable. I also firmly confident, that the general problem in many developing countries (including FSU) in transition underlies in the field education. In fact, the formal level of education in such countries like Georgia, is of rather high level – 100% of population is literal, the per cent of population enjoying higher education is significant, almost in any family its members could sing folk songs and dance. It is also true, that actually that level derives from Soviet time which traditionally had supported various modes of school education (free of charge) – primary school, music, dance, sports etc. But, there was something lack in that system which leaded to overall nihilism and civil society backwardness and inactivity.

Below you will find some interesting articles, facts and links to Internet resources which I consider important in this field.

CookingWith the words "the highest pleasure" in memory float tasty food and good sex! Delicious food - an important prerequisite for success in weight reduction. Therefore, each meal should be a pleasure. Choose foods and cook yourself. Eat in a comfortable surrounding and atmosphere. These are psychological dimensions of "tasty diet." But there are physiological components of tasty diet also.