In 1620 a man wrote to his daughter:

1. Be careful when your husband is angry. At this point, do not be no fun, no grumpy - smile and speak softly.
2. Do not make your husband wait for food. Hunger - the father of anger.

Good wife

3. Do not wake him when he sleeps.
4. Be careful with his money. Do not hide from him your financial affairs.
4. Keep his secrets. If he brags, keep it as a secret.
6. Do not approve of his enemies and do not hate his friends.
7. Do not mind him and do not say that your advice is better than his.
8. Do not expect the impossible from him.
9. If you will be attentive to his request, he will become your good friend.
10. Do not say anything that would hurt him. If you're going to treat him like a king, he will treat you like a queen.