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LEGEND: Once upon a time there was a magic tree, which the Mayas called cacao, and which yielded its crop not for dwellers of the earth, but solely for the gods. It was then that a man was born on earth. And he was destined to become a gardener. The gardens he cultivated were magic ones Lush green leaves rustled in the wind, brilliantly colored flowers bloomed in the shadow of overhanging gigantic trees. The gods were extremely impressed by the gardener's consummate mastery and bestowed a cacao tree on him.

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I've been asking Americans who've been to Georgia what they remember most about the country, what made Georgia special to them. The responses usually begin with


One of the most famous foods of Georgia is Khinkali – ground meat put into dough and boiled.

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This salad goes well with everything: grilled poultry, meat, Khachapuri (Cheese bread), and Mchadi (corn bread). You could also eat Nigvziani Badrijani (Nigvziani Badrijani in Georgian) separately.