All the smart people on our planet have some general rules of



1. These people always have hidden skills and talents that they do not show to others, yet it is not necessary. They do not tend to show off in front of others. They will not bend over backwards to show something to someone.
2. Expensive higher education - an optional attribute to be smart. Such people can behave very wisely, but do not graduate from any higher education institution. You're not even surmise about it, until you look at their CV.
3. They never, under any circumstances, will not humiliate others or make others look stupid. Although, in fact, they can do it in a jiffy. These men understand very important fact: when you make someone look bad, you look bad.
4. If these people are in leadership positions, they do their best the emploees would be smarter and more productive. They do not reach the aim through threats, because they know that it is quite inefficient. Setting great positive example is the best way to help others be better.
5. They know that they are the most intelligent people in the company (team), but never dwell on it. Smart people never rest on their laurels, wanting to improve and trying to quietly do others more wise.
6. Even when things go extremily badly or not as they want it, these people do not stop smiling. Possible alternative solutions to the problem occurred to them much faster than despair. Therefore, they never give up.
7. They are active in social networks. And not to share with someone the music or messaging, but to saturate their mind with new knowledge. And these people know exactly what to look out for, and what information should be treated with caution.
8. These people manage to do everything at home and at work, and even allocate enough time for private life. Simply, they are able to organize their time and energy so as to be on the top at all "fronts." And they do it.
9. They know a lot of things in addition to what is included in their duties at work. These people are unusually broad-minded, they are not limited to the sphere of their specialty.
10. They do not like to talk about nothing. These people prefer to listen more than talk.