Theme of "ideal" breast does not lose its relevance in Hollywood. Most cosmetic surgery clients request a bust, like

Beautiful titsScarlett Johansson. Ideal forms do not exist however; some mathematical formulas of a beautiful woman's breasts are invented. Perfect breasts - the size should not be big, but fit the proportions of the body to appear natural.


If you care about the health and beauty of bust, then you need to properly care for it. Here are the main "enemies" beautiful breast:


1. "Wrong" bra

If it is too small, the cuts hurt the skin and impair blood circulation. A too-loose poorly supported breasts. Abandon the bra is not worth it, even owners of the first size. If you do not maintain a large bust, the skin will stretch it, and return it to the elasticity will be very difficult without surgery.

It is especially important to find a supportive bra for sports training. Chaotic "jumping" while having sports exercises will lead to a stretching of the tissues and ligaments, causing bust loose, and stretching appear on the skin.

Doctors advise to walk in a bra every day. Bra with the "bones" and "framework" should not be worn for more than 12 hours a day.

The correct bra is not only emphasizes the shape of the breast, but also keeps it healthy and elastic. The wrong - is dangerous to your health! It should not squeeze the breast. After its removal it should not be traces of straps or bones on the skin. Tight bust hinders breathing, squeezes the veins and lymphatic drainage path, blood circulation. Stagnation of blood and lymph eventually leads serious breast disease. Too loose bust just useless because it does not protect the chest.

2. Poor posture. Permanently bent back will not add appeal to you or your chest. Therefore, try to walk straight and do not slouch.

3. Direct sunlight. Breast skin is even more sensitive than the skin of the face, because the ultraviolet rays are truly devastating it. Wrinkles are formed around the nipples and pigment spots appear. So do not try to follow the fashion for tanning topless, but visiting a solarium definitely wear protective stickers and creams with powerful UF-filter.

4. Racing weight. When you use radical diet, fat tissue in the breast disappears in the first place, so your bust can not only dramatically "lose weight" in several sizes, but become sagging and flabby.

5. Hot bath. Breast generally contraindicated heat: it provokes a loss of tone and sagging skin. If you are an avid fan of sauna, then try to be limited to 10-15 minutes.

6. Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Typically, after pregnancy and breast feeding breast loses its former elasticity, stretch marks may appear. But if you carefully take care of it and once again wear the right clothes specifically designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, the annoying changes can be minimized.



Diet to enhance the bust


In the breast is fat, and total weight gain increases breast, with a diet - decreases in the first place. There is such a pattern - each added kilogram of weight adds 20 grams to the weight of the breast. Weight loss is all the opposite. Therefore, it is necessary to lose weight gradually and "fed" the chest regularly. Fast diet badly impacts the bust –curvaceous breasts are sagging, small breasts become smaller. Nutritionists recommend a nutritious cocktail for bust - to eat 30 grams of chicken or fish before going to bed, and then drink the orange juice. Some protein and vitamin "hit" help to increase the amount of collagen and thus help to encourage rejuvenation of connective tissue. Banana mask is good for hardening of tissue bust. Mash with a fork and put a fresh banana pulp on the chest. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Perform the procedure twice a week.


Beautiful breasts - shapeSilicone injection is already backlogged technology. Plastic surgeons have developed a revolutionary non-surgical method of correction, which was called breastox., The breast is regaining youth and get volume after injections of Botox. The procedure takes about half an hour. Breastox help rejuvenate and restore breast shape after childbirth. Aesthetic medicine specialists say that the injection can be made within three months after birth. However, doctors warn that not all women will be able to get beautiful breasts without surgery. Those who had previously used a silicone, Breastox is contraindicated. The down side is that the effects of Breastox are not permanent. Your breasts will return to normal in about three months. Then the procedure has to be repeated.


Large breasts has been one of the main criteria of female beauty but what about formulas?


1. The ratio of the upper and lower chest, roughly speaking, the length from the beginning of the chest and to the nipple (ab – fig#1), and the nipple to the crease under the breast (bc - see fig #1. Some "experts" say that it should be 1/3 to 2/3, ie, 33% to 67%. Others believe that the ideal proportion - 45% to 55%.


Beautiful tits2. Triangle rule. Draw a triangle ABC (See fig #1, right), whose base – AC line connecting the nipples. Mentally draw a figure, divide AC by 2 and its result divide by AB or BC. For the ideal breast ratio is 0.4 - 0.6. If less than 0.4, breasts sag, if greater than 0.6 - too lift up. See fig #1.


There is also exact average calculation of beautiful breasts – see fig 2.