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SardionAccording to St. Epiphanies, sardion (or Cthrag Sardius) - the precious stone correlated with Jacob's first son, Reuben - is found in Babylon and Mesopotamia. Its color is purple and it has been named after the blood-colored “sardion-fish". This gem is distinguished by its natural brilliance. It is used to cure ulcers, pimples and to heal injuries inflicted by a sword or an arrow. First the gem is rinsed in water and then passed over the injury. According to Epiphanies, the sardonyx and sardakad stones belong to the sardion family, of which the first is considered by the author to be green in color and the second white. Sardonyx cures stomachache and sardakad makes a person calm.

In the East, people have termed sardion the petrified drops of blood. Traditionally, it is considered that sardion endows people with matrimonial love, health and courage, helps them to remain composed during an argument and stops them when they start to use their vital energy rashly. Sardion protects a man from the perfidy of an enemy and from perishing in an earthquake. Apart from stopping bleeding, it also cures headaches and spiritual injuries. From the mystic properties of sardion, an awakening of the quest for greatness is particularly noted. Sardion drives a noble person towards heroism and victories and brings happiness and love to ordinary people, replenishing their strength. This gem protects its master from evil spells and mean souls. Sometimes, however, it demonstrates the opposite qualities: it strengthens the hostile cruelty of its owner and can even become transformed into an evil demon by merging with him.

From Christ's 12 disciples, sardion corresponds to Apostle John, who is the apostle of Virgo (August 23 - September 22). Correspondingly, sardion is the precious stone of this sign of the zodiac. Various biomedical observations demonstrate that sardion also cures many other deceases, such as those of the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, cancer, nightmares and impotence. It can help strengthen teeth (if put into the mouth together with silver), make child delivery easier, cure tonsils, headaches, rheumatism, thyroid glands, sterility, feminine diseases, diabetes, bronchitis, injuries, gout, hypertension and many more.