German scientists have denied the version that the Egyptian tsarina Cleopatra VII has died of a sting of a poisonous cobra. But

group of scientists under direction of the professor of history Christopher Shepher has come to the conclusion, that tsarina has committed suicide, having accepted a cocktail from opium, hemlock (lat. Conium maculatum) and aconite (lat. Aconitum monkshood), the painless death from which comes within several hours.

Earlier was considered, that she has intentionally allowed to bite herself by a poisonous snake cobra, however scientists have denied this version arguing that the tsarina known for the beauty, hardly would began to subject itself to painful death during which her body would be disfigured by stains. "Such mix leads to death of the person within several hours without any pain and without change of appearance. Tsarina Cleopatra was famous for the beauty and consequently hardly would subject itself to such long agony which besides would spoil her appearance which causes a sting of the snake, - says Christopher Shepher . - According to documents, Cleopatra wished to remain beautiful after the death to keep a myth about itself. Most likely, Cleopatra has died of a fatal cocktail from opium, poisonous plants: hemlock (lat. Conium maculatum) and aconite (lat. Aconitum monkshood)".

In the work researchers have studied archival documents of that time according to which, Cleopatra was born in 69 year B.C. and has died on August, 12th 30 years B.C., in particular the materials of antique historians concerning Cleopatra, and a note of the Egyptian doctors. Having consulted with experts, studying snakes, Shepher and his colleagues have come to conclusion, that the sting of a cobra hardly is the reason of death well-known Egyptian. Actually it was drugs overdose.