Are you a healthcare practitioner or student interested in

finding out how artificial intelligence (AI) may change your industry? Do you wish to comprehend the theories, methods, and uses of artificial intelligence in the medical field? Want to learn more about the advantages, difficulties, and moral dilemmas surrounding AI in healthcare?

AI in HealthcareThis book is for you if any of these questions apply to you. The thorough and useful reference Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare covers both the fundamentals and more complex subjects of AI in healthcare.

  • What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how may it improve healthcare?
  • How to evaluate medical data and images using machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing?
  • How to use AI for medical research, education, and prevention?
  • How to work with AI and apply it in healthcare settings?
  • How to develop and use expert systems, diagnostic decision support systems, and predictive models for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning?
  • How to assess the efficacy, dependability, and interpretability of AI models?
  • How to handle the legal, social, and ethical ramifications of artificial intelligence in healthcare?

The book is equipped with about 600 references that embrace plenty of recent academic and industry information sources.  This book is intended for professionals and students with varying specializations who have limited experience with information technologies. It offers concise explanations, illustrations, case studies, and activities to make the ideas and uses of AI in healthcare easier for you to understand. You can use it for writing, transcription, research, homework, translation, and rewriting. It also comes with some general AI tools.

Regardless of your level of experience, this book will assist you in gaining the abilities and understanding required to apply AI to healthcare. Don't pass up this chance to learn from the pros and take part in the healthcare AI revolution. 

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Artificial Intelligence in Health: A Study Guide for Students of the Medical. 594 pages. ISBN: 979-8869603494 Paper book is here:

eBook is here: 

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