Stockholm Forum

In 18–19 April 2012 I participated in the first Stockholm Internet Forum on Internet Freedom for Global Development which was undoubtedly very interesting. Actually the Internet makes it possible ...

listen to the voices of civil society in all countries which now are seeking better future and trying to get rid of dictators who used to rule them during past decades. Modern Information Communication Technologies (ICT) facilitated democratic (and not only democratic) trends not only when rulers have been forced from power in many countries of Arab world but also urges heads of advanced states to keep their eyes open and keep in minds that they should serve the people but not vice versa.

On the other hand all these leaders and their governmental machine all over the world understand quite well that the ICT is the very instrument which provides enormous possibilities to promptly learn more on injustice, human rights abuse, violence against people, support to anti-national regimes, economic chaos and the real reasons of all these negative social phenomena. It is absolutely clear that governments try to restrict civil society access to ICT and namely Internet and at the same time to gain control over it through different solutions like using surveillance systems etc.

So, Forum in Stockholm was very well organized by the Government of Sweden (SIDA) and reports and discussion during two days were extremely interesting and I hope quite fruitful. Actually information (streaming video and other documents) on the event you can find on and live discussion which is still on the way on Twitter @fxinternet #sif12 #fxinternet

When the event finished I had half a day to take a short walk around beautiful city of Stockholm. But unfortunately it was cold, drizzling and it was extremely windy weather. So in the center of Stockholm I rushed in the Santa Clara Church and to my surprise and great pleasure attended Choral Performance Tour by Lexington High School. It was student-run collegiate style a cappella groups which performed a wide range of challenging choral music representative of many styles, languages and time periods including works by modern (or relatively modern) composers. It was fantastic performance which I've will remember forever because of highest quality of rendering, music discipline, acoustical qualities of the church building, and modern harmonies of music itself. 

Just to give you and idea about that wonderful performance watch this video.