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About Me

In fact I started browsing of Internet from the very day it has come to life. Everything has changes since then, especially sophisticated searching engines and social networking, specialized interactive and blogging websites, entertainments and on-line games, knowledge dissemination and such practical instruments like on-line auctions, e-commerce, collections of free software, encyclopedias, music, video and photo and many other useful and interesting facilities. In fact I offer my personal page with my priorities to you for free. Listen, read, download and use everything for free of charge.

I graduated from Tbilisi State University's physics faculty. I started my career as civil servant at the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information and then obtained scientific degree at Technical Sciences. Then I worked at private enterprises, NGOs, International programs. I was Short Term Expert for different projects with the WB, UNDP, Tacis, Danish Management projects. I own and run a number of web-sites.

I am author of more than 40 scientific works including 4 patents, six books related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTD) published in Russian and Georgian. I am founder and the only designer of this web-resource. And finally I would like to let you know that since English is not my mother language; the texts of this web-site could be far from being model of perfection.

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This is an attempt to collect my personal experience related to presence, surfing and use of Internet since early 90s. I would like to emphasize that approach in Internet resources choose, collecting articles, photos, music, multimedia and other materials is purely subjective. It is completely impossible to be professional in many fields represented here if you are not revived Leonardo da Vinci. I believe that even if great Leonardo had risen from the dead he would restrict himself to a couple of activities which are immensely deepened and broaden since XVI century.


Taking in consideration that the Internet actually has become enormous collection of various resources it is almost impossible to keep pace with newly emerged resources (since they are fresh and do not occupy high positions search engines results) and what is important – it is time consuming to exam them. This occurs partly because of the fact that they are overloaded with advertisement, third parties content, images, pop-up windows, etc. In some cases they carry computer scripts, which are trying to penetrate into users computers and steal confidential information or, what is worth, make them “zombies”.


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You will find bios, stories, statistics, photos, video, music and much more on the most prominent, beautiful, gifted, famous and less famous humans of all times. You be able to use the links to the best relevant resources on the web which are free from pop-up windows, malicious software, viruses. You might already know them, but do not have relevant links to them since the Internet is huge and you could lost yourself in billions of pages. May be you just do not have an idea on some events, subjects, technologies which I will bring to your attention. Anyway, I hope my web-site will be useful and interesting for you. Any comments, advise and feedback is welcome.


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